(BC) Ultra Core

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UltraCore Alaskan Lodge

Alaskan Lodge, a clean and dynamic style to suit a multitude of spaces. Get the look... Cool Alaskan tones Natural materials and textures Minimalistic styling
£47.95 /m2

UltraCore Banff

Banff, A clean, Smooth, earthy tones with luxurious depth. Get the look... Distinctive natural hues Crisp lines and textures Contemporary styling
£47.95 /m2

UltraCore Bearwood

Bearwood, Bold grain with a touch of the wild. Get the look... Muted tones with a bold splash Cosy textiles Distinctive patterns
£47.95 /m2

UltraCore Colorado

Colorado, A clean, Bringing a timber touch to urban chic. Get the look... Muted pastel tones Stylish geometric patterns Chic and indulgent textures
£47.95 /m2

UltraCore Log cabin

Log Cabin, Laid back living with traditional charm. Get the look... Tranquil natural hues Stylish geometric patterns Minimalist finish coupled with nature
£47.95 /m2

UltraCore Natural Oak

Ultracore easy fit click system Natural Oak, A clean, The light, delicate touch of nature. Get the look... Neutral subtle tones Rustic natural textiles Delicate detailing
£47.95 /m2

UltraCore Ranch

Ranch, A clean, Lively natural shades in an exuberant design. Get the look... Fresh punchy tones Bold fun patterns A mix of eclectic textures
£47.95 /m2

UltraCore Traditional Oak

Traditional Oak, A natural touch in a contemporary plank. Get the look... Traditional natural tones Stylish nature orientated patterns Cosy tactile textures
£47.95 /m2